Annual Meeting 2009 of Hemerocallis Europa e.V. in Berlin

Daylilies and Cake

or soup, coffee, and cake interrupted by garden visits

This year the daylily fans of Hemerocallis Europa (HE) and Fachgruppe Hemerocallis der GdS (= Gesellschaft der Staudenfreunde) met in the outskirts of Berlin. For me as a newcomer at HE it was the first meeting of this kind. I was curious and I had certain expectations. E.g., I would like to find out whether the other members are also such daylily nuts as I am, and I would like to make new contacts as well as exchange experiences with others.

Daylily Hybridization Tamberg in Falkenrehde

I was especially curious about the daylily judging exercise. My first judgement without any detailed guidance did not go very well. At least I was not the only one with problems. It is extremely difficult to switch off one's personal liking and judge objectively. The in-depth explanations of Hagen Engelmann and Tomas Tamberg made us understand how to interpret the judging scheme. I fear that I'll have to throw many of my own seedlings on he compost. However, the hypothetical question how modern daylilies with unusual color combinations, extreme ruffling, teeth or carving gain good marks even if they don't have clear color or optimal growing behavior. Such daylilies have become even more popular in Europe.
After checking in at the Gutshof Havelland we were expected at the Tamberg garden in Falkenrehde. Here we restored with coffee and cake after a more or less long journey. However, the first impression of the garden was a bit surprising. On the one hand it was a beautiful established garden but only with a few daylilies. Its secret was revealed after a short stroll through the garden. Daylily display and breeding beds could be found in the rear part and were exemplary labelled. Here you can learn from the champion.

Christina Tamberg

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
In the evening we gathered for dinner in the hotel dining room. Unfortunately, the hotel staff changed since the time of reservation. The new personnel was overextend with the beverage orders and serving dinner. Mrs. Tamberg as the organizer was very disappointed because she had different memory.
Tamberg Garden in Berlin-Lichterfelde

Saturday morning we entered the bus and left in time to drive to the Tamberg garden in Berlin-Lichterfelde. There we strolled in a beautiful established garden with one dominating perennial. Guess what? Daylilies! However, the owners know all about setting a course with other perennials and various shrubs. As in their other garden in Falkenrehde the labels were professional and elaborate.

It was interesting to watch people walking through the narrow paths and chasing daylilies with their digital cameras. First they banned an image of the flower on their digital memory an then they took a picture of the label or dictated the daylily name. This is not the first time that I noticed that daylily fans do not have a reservation of modern technologies. Many created their own home pages, communicate through email, and max the features of modern digital cameras. Daylilies keep mentally fit!

Garden of Gurdon in Werneuchen

Gudrun Tillmann-Budde

Again in time we left for the garden of Franz Gurdon. Unlike the online route planner had predicted the bus ride to Werneuchen took about a half hour longer. The Siedlerverein Rudolfshöand well labelled garden of Franz Gurdon. He has an amazing collection of old and new cultivars. His newest seedlings stood potted in the greenhouse. Some of the brand new cultivars were planted in another greenhouse. This seems to be advantageous in our climate because the flowers were fully open despite the cool weather and large seed vessels were already present. Many people took the opportunity and purchased a nice daylily of their choice. As an exception Franz Gurdon accepted also orders for later delivery. Unfortunately, the beautiful seedlings were not for sale. On the way back to the bus coffee and cake was served again.

Back at the hotel we anticipated another highlight of the day. The daylily auction with mostly new cultivars and european cultivars appealed the attendees. Bids of up to €60 were placed. Even the auctioneer couldn't resist and placed bids. Gerd Oellermann won some cultivars out of many bids he made in order to achieve as much money as possible for the two associations. You have to ask him yourself whether he desired all of the cultivars he won.

Daylily Auction at Gutshof Havelland

On the next day we drove in our own cars to Golm to visit the hosta garden Kraatz. On the spacious estate the owner continuously puts into practice new garden concepts. Since there is only enough time to maintain the new parts of the garden, the older parts are left to their own and run to seed, like some parts around the pond. Currently the owner focuses on collecting a myriad of hostas. Hostas of various size and leaf colour were planted in terraced beds shaded by large trees and various shrubs. Other were presented in a open hall especially manufactured to provide shade. Many of the participants used the opportunity and purchased beautiful hostas. Daylilies were only of second interest in this garden.
After the entertaining and exciting auction you had to queue fast at the dinner buffet. After a short while the main courses were empty and dessert was gone. The annual general meeting (minutes of the HE meeting in this issue) appeared as next topic on the agenda. After getting beamer and laptop to work together we enjoyed interesting slide shows. Harald Juhr presented several of his seedlings which looked attractive and promising. Jamie Vande showed a few of his own new exciting spider seedlings. Karl Rupp introduced the "Taglilienrondell" (circular daylily bed) in the Park der Gärten (Bad Zwischenahn). It is the only official international "Display Garden" of the American Hemerocallis Society (AHS) in Europe.

Hosta garden Kraatz in Golm

Rose Garden of Family Lüdke

The last part of the program was the visit to the daylily breeding beds of family Lüdke. I myself enjoyed the weekend very much. The uncongested and very interesting program made this a very relaxing weekend. My personal objectives were fully achieved. I met many new and interesting daylily lovers. Some are nearly as nuts as I am. There was enough time for personal communication and the exchange of information and tips. The event was perfectly organized by the Tambergs. Christina Tamberg calmly gave directions in the background, and you always had the impression that she was on top of everything. Thank you very much!

Dr. Manfred Kotzian
From there we drove to the garden of family Lüdke in Berlin-Spandau using the driving directions that were handed out. If you did not follow exactly the directions you either got lost or you lost your co-driver as a friend. The last part of the ride led through the scenic Spreewald (forest) over a cobblestone paved road. The property of family Lüdke is part of a former allotment site. The lawn before the lot looked like a golf green. I did not dare to park there.

The garden itself was extraordinarily cultivated and divided into several subject areas. The rose garden that was in full blossom was bordered by box trees. The Japanese garden inveigled to sit down and daydream. As usual we were served with ample food and beverages, and the Bienenstich (a cake with almond topping and a vanilla cream filling) was so delicious that I had to take a second piece.

Japanese Garden of Family Lüdke